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An Art Of Cleaning Your Sandals

Sandals are the most comfortable shoes for summer season that gain you great comfort and relief. Many do like to prefer wearing them while strolling on the beach sides or walking on the streets or any garden. But do you ever thinking of cleaning your sandals to retain their quality and ensure long lasting durability? No. Only a few provide proper care to their footwear. Improper care will definitely affect the quality of your fave footwear and also cause odor formation.

Caring you sandals is must to maintain their quality for a long term. There are no hard and fast rules in cleaning your footwear. One can clean them as such like you clean your athletic shoes. All you need is a little more attention and care while cleaning them. This article below listed out some of the most common ways and tips of cleaning sandals that will be of great help to you;

Grim off the dust and debris on your sandals with a tooth brush slowly before washing them.
Clean the footwear with cold water mixed with any soft detergent and again brush them softly to remove the dirt and debris attached to the soles of the shoes.
Use a soft brush to smoothly clean any scars on your shoes. Use a wet cloth with little flap of any light detergent to gently rub the scars on the leather sandals. For suede sandals, take a damp cloth dipped in little amount of vinegar and smoothly rub on the marked areas. And then, rinse off the shoes thoroughly with water.
Never forget to clean in between the straps of your footwear that may cause discomfort to your feet by causing any irritation while walking.
After washing, wipe and dry your footwear in a well ventilated area to avoid odor formation. You can even stuff them with news papers to wick away the moisture and thus maintain their original shape.
To keep your shoes smell fresh, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda in them. This will kill the odor causing bacteria if any and keep your shoes smell fresh.
Always keep a pair of odor-eating insoles available in the market. These insoles are designed with bacteria repellents that eradicate the odor causing bacteria thus keeping your footwear odor free.
Another most important thing is never soak any designer or jeweled sandals soaked in water. Soaking them in water will peel off the embedded jewels, beads or any ornaments on your footwear.
Air-dry you shoes after every wear to avoid moisture formation which may further cause shoe odor.