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Stripper Shoes: Right Down To The Soles Of Your Feet

when you're doing a stripper act, you are creating fantasy, whether it is with your sexual partner or with a roomful of viewing customers. Your act will start with a costume that is tied to the fantasy that is being performed. Parts of your costume will disappear during the dance, but your stripper shoes will remain through the entire act. Pick shoes that are fun, yet part of a role you are playing.

A strip tease is all about movement. You may be dancing slowly and seductively or you may be moving every part of your body to the beat of the music. Your shoes should be able to move with you, yet be part of the theme you create. Make sure the footwear enhances the theme and is comfortable to wear.

Dance shoes also must be something you can wear without pinching your feet. The type and speed of the dance movements will be important in choosing the shoes. Do you like classical ballet? Choose your shoes to give a hint of an mysterious and aloof ballerina. If you prefer a Latin beat, you can dance in those shoes too.

If your dance is telling a story, and creating a fantasy for your viewers, the shoes should be something that would lend emphasis to the tale. Try to think of shoes that would be worn by the person in the fantasy. For example, A Nancy Nurse fantasy wouldn't be likely to wear eight-inch platforms. The shoes must be ones that you can wear while moving around the stage without danger of falling.

A pair of pole dance shoes sets an entirely different image and purpose. Pole dancing has become a popular to add flexibility and fitness routines while at the same time acting out a sexual fantasy. The shoes that you choose when using a pole as a prop for your act can be supple, or they can be pointy toes and high heels to make the leg extensions look even longer.

Buying cheap stripper shoes might help you to begin indulging your fantasy fun without spending all your costume money in one place. Practice in the shoes that you select to get ideas about how to incorporate them in your act. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable and easy to work in.

Your stripper shoes don't have to be expensive. You can find cheap stripper shoes online. Some would-be strippers look at consignment shops or thrift stores to get ideas for costumes and dance shoes. If you like the look and feel of your pole dance shoes, try wearing them with your office attire.

Think Pink: Add A Shot Of Color This Winter With Pink Uggs!

For most of us, it?s the middle of yet another freezing winter, and what better way to keep warm than with a fluffy fleece-lined jacket and a cozy pair of boots? Look around, however, and you?ll notice in most suburbs and cities, the winter wardrobe can suffer from a severe case of the blahs ? functional and practical in dark shades of blue, brown, and the always-reliable black?but where?s the fun in that? Why not mix it up this winter & pick up a pair of hot pink Uggs? Nothing adds more excitement to your wardrobe than a playful, dynamic dose of color ? it?s easy to spice things up with the right accent, and shoes are the perfect opportunity to express your unique fashion sense. Whether it?s adding a pair of day-glo Uggs or a flirty ruffled blouse, pink is certainly one of the hippest colors this season, transforming your wardrobe from drab to fab! But, you might be asking ? how do you wear bright-colored women?s shoes? Read on for some helpful hints and you?ll be thinking pink in no time.

What to Wear with Hot Pink UGGS?

So, you?ve dared to go bold with a pair of pink Ugg boots?but what exactly do you wear with them to show off your fashion-savvy self? Here are a few suggestions to coordinate your ensemble and make your new Ugg shoes a stylish focal point:

The Pink Mod Look: Try pairing your pink Uggs with a long ribbed sweater in neutral tones, such as black, chocolate or ivory. Team up with a pair of skinny jeans in a dark wash and add an accessory or two, such as ethnic beads, a simple bangle or a pair of hoop earrings, and you?ve got a streamlined look that?s perfect for weekend chic. We recommend the Ugg Australia Women's - Classic Cardy Pink to complete this fresh take on classic mod-style.

The Rocker: Have fun with your new kicks and take your rockin? attitude to another dimension: grab a pair of baby pink Ugg boots in winter or Marc by Marc Jacobs Pink Leather platform sandal in the summer, and throw on your favorite concert-tee and faded-denim stretch jeans. Next, complete the look with some 80?s-style make-up: eyeshadow in frosted blues and a hint of lipgloss in sparkly pink! Finally, add a few funky accessories, such as skinny rubber bracelets, an animal-print bandana or some leather cuff wristbands, and you?re ready to hit the backstage with this totally rad & retro look.

The Pink Weekender: Keep it casual & comfy on the weekends ? the cork-infused rubber outsole gives the Ugg Australia Women's - Fluff Scuff II Pink enough traction to make these the perfect slippers for lounging around the house or running errands! Slide into your favorite hoodie and sweats and you?ll wish you could always wear your pink Ugg slippers!

Finally, don?t keep all the fun to yourself ? kids can get in on the look, too! There are plenty of adorable pink options for little fashionistas ? the Ugg Australia for KIDS ? Kids Classic Short Pink will add sass to her step and surely become a favorite in your little girl?s wardrobe. Featuring all of the benefits as the adult version, these boots provide extra comfort for your tot. She?ll also love the Ugg Australia for KIDS ? Kids Crochet Pink/Orchid, featuring a crocheted shaft that?s stylish when slouched over jeans.

So go ahead ? have some fun this season with fun, frolicky pink boots and shoes?functional and fashionable, Ugg boots aren?t just trendy, but an easy way to add a splash of excitement to any wardrobe!

Easy Ways To Gain Height

If you are born shorter than you?d like, chances are you are not going to gain any additional height whether you exercise hard or consume growth hormones as height is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents. While you may feel sad at being stuck with the height your genes determined, you can fool the eyes and appear taller by using some clever techniques. Wearing platform shoes is one of them; however, platform shoes for men are no longer in fashion. Thankfully, there is another attractive alternative to platform shoes - Elevator shoes.

Being short has some definite advantages but the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Being taller does carry certain perks that short persons are denied. A recent study conducted in North America showed that tall people earn almost $1000 more per annum than shorter persons with the same qualifications and work experience. So, if you are interested in adding a little height read on?.

First, get rid of the excess flab that makes you look shorter; a slimmer body appears taller and looks great when dressed well.

Wear shoes that have reasonably high heels; a one and half inch heel will look normal and not throw you off balance. Another important thing you can do is wear an insole in this shoe that is at least 2-3 inches high. Alternately, you may purchase shoes that come with an in-built insole; such shoes are called elevator shoes. Unlike platform shoes, elevator shoes are classy and effectively increase your height by almost 3 inches. These shoes are no different from other dress shoes as they are made from finest of materials and are trendy.

Do not wear two contrasting colors; wear a single color from head to foot to create an unbroken line up to your height increasing shoes. Wear a hairstyle that is trim on the ears and voluminous on the crown. Wear clothes that fit perfectly as loose clothes make you appear shorter. Well tailored clothes visually increase your height. Stay away from shirts with checks and horizontal lines, vertical stripes create an illusion of height.

Of all the above techniques discussed, the most important is the elevator shoe as it does not create an illusion but physically increases your height. These elevated shoes have an insole that is comfortable on the heels as it is made from tough shock absorbent material that carries your weight well without sinking.

So, go ahead and order your very own pair of elevator shoes and appear tall and full of confidence.