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Step Out in 4 Hot Shoe Styles

Shoe trends change regularly to keep up with different fashion seasons. This article is going to look at four key fashion trends in shoes that will not go out of style. For many, footwear is not an accessory but a start to an outfit. You can create totally different looks with inspiration from a shiny pair of shoes on your feet.The first style is 50's chic. Now many of us today who are really into fashion will either not remember the 50's or not have been born. However we all know the elegant and sophisticated style that this decade brought. If you are looking to create a 50's style dress code you need to get the footwear right. A classy pair of heels to give you that feminine look whilst keeping the subtlety would be perfect. A patent black heel would be just the right choice.Another popular choice of footwear is kitten heels. For many women wearing skyscraper stilettos is not an option as they simply cannot master them. Many also work and have kids to walk about with but still want to feel and look good.

Kitten heels are the perfect choice as they give that extra bit of height whilst still keeping the comfort levels up.The next style of shoe is the sling backs. A sling back can come in various styles and shapes as it is distinguished by the strap that crosses behind your heel or ankle. You can find high heel and flat varieties as well as open or closed toe, and many more possibilities. They are easy to slip on so make the perfect casual shoe. This characteristic also makes for the perfect shoe whilst going out as they are easy to kick off once you arrive home. This style has been popular since the 1930's and are still a much loved choice today.The final design is the T bar shoe. This again like the sling backs is known for a specific look. Of course it consists of a T shaped section of material that is placed over the front of your foot. There are cute thin designs to more bold choices with thick straps. Footwear can really make a statement and tie an outfit together.With so much style and choice to choose from to suit summer months especially, shopping for these will be an opportunity for every woman to take advantage of.